Friday, 31 July 2009

Career Management my way

How should I manage my career? Where do I want to be in 5 years time? What is the best career line for me? etc. etc. I have never met a person who has proper answer to these questions and I am among the confused lot.

That said, there is something I know (that's what I think) which is different but provides foundation on which answers to the questions posed above can be based. What I know is not restricted to career or job but can be applied in personal life, education and career.

Let me put it in easy points -

1. If you choose to do a thing, strive to be the best. It doesn't mean to say you will turn out to be the best. But it will mean that you will be much above the average. You shouldn't study to just pass; you shouldn't work to be just good; you should not ain to be an average. And if you unfortunately find you still cannot be great in what you do, think harder - you might need a change. Eagles are great not when they run but when they fly.

2. Be Good to others (sincerely and intentionally). Success in life has never been one man's game for anybody. Then how do some people succeed magnificently and some fail miserably. Answer lies in the way they interact with others and the way they make others feel. Sincerely be good to others. Help them when they need and you can expect to be treated the same. (Principle of Reciprocation). Once you have start doing it, it becomes your second nature and you are always helpful. Then make sure you do more and for that be good intentionally.

3. Focus on your reputation: Reputation is a blend of lot of things. Both the topics discussed above play their part and add consistency, confidence and more interaction (networking) in the mix. Reputation is the best long term friend leading you to success. Now you know why companies invest so much on building brand.

4. Find your weakness and solve it. The first part is much easier that many think. Try saying what you are not good at or bad at. Examples-I cannot talk in front of many people; I am not confident; My English is weak; I am bad with excel; I have never managed anyone; How can I influence others? etc. etc. Make sure to focus on those that is hurting you or impacting you the most. Once you found your main weakness, get some advice. What I do is search for podcasts in Itunes relating to my weakness, download to my IPOD and listen while traveling. You can talk to your parents, your mentor etc. etc. Then practice. Now if you think you cannot talk infront of people, vocal cord wouldn't open, join a local toast masters club or public-speaking club. Just go and listen for few sessions. Gain some courage, prepare and talk about something you like the most for 1 minute. And I can tell you that the most effort is to get the wheel rolling, once you have done it, you just need to guide it.

5. Use commonsense: At times we feel pressured to act different because we are too educated or we are in competition. What we forget is that commonsense would have led us to a totally different route. With any big decision you think of making, it is worthwhile making time to think on the ground of commonsense. Disregard any popular notion or theory for a while. This way you are sure you have used your brain as well.

There could be many other things to focus on but hey this is what my commonsense tells me. And my commonsense tells me that if I try to focus on more than these many things - I wouldn't be able to proceed.
Hope this blog makes you think.

Copyright July 2009 Raghab Nepal

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