Saturday, 16 August 2008

Why do people Blog?

We as a human have a remarkable ability to think about things that make lot of sense and also about things which does not. But what we don't realise is that our thoughts whether it makes sense for us or not will make sense to somebody else.
Why should you Blog and why do I blog? Apart from monetary benefit in the form of advertising, all I know why I blog is for this one reason. There are other reasons which can be made to fit into this same reason. So what is that reason?

  1. If you want to develop personally, it is very important that you start having your opinion. This means, have an opinion on news you hear every day, have an opinion on employee communication you receive at office, have an opinion on your friends talk, have an opinion on the city you just travelled to, have an opinion on advertisement you see in TV, have an opinion on every possible thing you can. Opinion can be negative, positive or neutral. Note that having opinion does not always mean you have to talk it out or communicate to others. You will start to engage your brain steadily and realise you have started retaining messages. So you must be asking what it has to do with blogging. An average human beings needs motivation in some form or other to act. By blogging about your opinion you share your thoughts with other human being. This feels like a social accomplishment to many and a motivating factor in itself.
  • Have an opinion
  • Blogging motivates you to have opinion of your own

Those who don't blog but read others blog, please provide comments. This has similar effects.

Note: The topic above is specific for personal blog writing and not for blog writing for commercial usage. There might still be few exceptions like blog for deceiving others or exposing others etc. but majority of personal blog is for sharing opinions or a way of expressing opinions.

Your comments are welcome
Raghab Nepal

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manika said...

I started blogging about a year u said it feels gr8 to share a small part of our world but smtimes i just run out of words...and yet i enjoy writing and posting :)