Friday, 14 August 2009

Serious questions - Life and Nature

We know when the sun rise in the east that sometime late in the day the sun will set? We know as we enjoy the warmth of the summer, how cold the coming winter will be. Is this nature?

The way of the world is such that everything is trying to balance out. Everything acts like a pendulum. We have thought of Day-night, summer-winter, birth-death. We have not thought of few others. We have never linked these to Nature.

Economic cycle - Prosperity in the growth stage and then panic at recession. The same cycle makes masses richer and poorer.

What about happiness and sorrow, love and hate, war and peace, winner and loser, success and failure? The meaning of these words are not complete without the other. They exist together but live apart.

Is it this knowledge that makes some immune to the joy of achievement or the frustration of failure? Do these great men know deep inside whenever they fail that they have advanced more closer to success? Is this why they never give up?

Do we feel happy when it rains, knowing that the clouds will break soon? Do we show courage to help the needy, knowing we will be in need of help one day.

Do I believe I should never lose hope when I face uncertainty? Does that mean I should keep my heart smiling even when betrayed?

Will you share happiness and pain with others, and help nature in its balancing act? Will you sometimes be brave enough to give? We have taken too much.

Appreciate Life................

- August 2009, Raghab Nepal

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